Sophie Bannan and Dan Nash

Stromlo / QwhatdoesabordercolleyeatAluckilyfinepowder

// Video works screening from 6pm, Thursday 17 November until the afternoon of Saturday 19 November 2017.

Sophie Bannan and Dan Nash screening at RM

Sophie Bannan

Rosalie Gascoigne moved from Auckland to Mount Stromlo with her husband Ben when she was twenty-six. She lived there in a small community on a hill, just below the observatory; Ben was an astronomer, it was 1943. Rosalie had her first solo exhibition at Macquarie Galleries in Canberra when she was fifty-seven. She mostly made sculptural assemblages, and represented Australia at Venice in 1994.

Dan Nash

Sand Day

Mud Day





Star Day

// RM is open from 1-6pm Friday and 12-4pm SaturdayContinue

Cora-Allan Wickliffe

Greetings from Canada (2016)

// Thursday 27 October – Saturday 12 November 2016
// Artist talk: 12pm, Saturday 29 October

Cora-Allan Wickliffe, Greetings from Canada

I was biking back from town one day and as I slowed towards the buffalo museum an old native man was watching me. I kept pedaling and went home to drop off my groceries; however after I was done I had a sudden urge to go back to the old man.

When I walked back he saw me coming and stared, then when I stopped in front of him he asked “Are you Indian?”

I replied “no I’m Maori from New Zealand!”

His smile grew so wide that it made his eyes look really little, and after lots of banter and conversation he took me inside the museum.Continue

Apply now for Summer Studio 2017

RM is seeking expressions of interest for its Summer Studio 2017

‘Vacay’ in our gallery space from 9 January – 27 February while we take a break from hosting exhibitions and get ready for 2k17. Five studio spaces available.

Expressions of Interest should include images of current work, a short text about what you are hoping to achieve in the space, as well as contact details.

// Applications close 1 December 2016


As with previous years, our intention is to divide the gallery space between five participants. There has tended to be enough room for a desk and a good amount of wall and floor space.… Continue

George Watson


// Until 14 December 2016

George Watson currently lives in Tāmaki Makaurau and has recently completed an MFA at Elam School of Fine Arts. George is interested in the expanded realms of contemporary art, critical theory, speculative fiction, poetry and prose and the ways that these disciplines imagine and build worlds.

During her time at RM, George will be working on writing and fine tuning a selection of texts, and will also use the residency as an opportunity to experiment with using text within performative, narrativised, scripted and filmic realms.… Continue

Ngahuia Harrison

From Our Time Spent Underwater

// Opening Thursday 6 October, 6pm
// Friday 7 – Saturday 22 October 2016

There’s a moment in the movement where the stars just fall out from the sky. In a short moment of an arm being up and then down. In a easy movement of the leg lifting or the wing lifted. When they just fall on the floor, going to go get up river to burn in new formations.

There is A Eagle that screams into your face. It is frozen sideways. You’ve seen the memes of a eagle face-on and they look really strange.Continue

Ella Scott Fleming and Tim Webby

// Opening Wednesday 14 September 6pm

Snakeskin Boot
Ella Scott Fleming

Coca-Cola Life
Tim Webby


// Thursday 15 September – Saturday 1 October 2016

Snakeskin Boot
Ella Scott Fleming

In fashion when they ask you about your mood board they say “who’s your “girl”?”. My “girl” is me in different projected fantasy worlds. My “girl” has dyed hair, she wears cowboy boots and leather or leopard print pants. She has a tramp stamp and she’s slutty with pencil thin eyebrows. She’s my baby sitter in the 90s and her hair smells like apples. She loves Leonardo Dicaprio, Britney Spears, and The Backstreet Boys.… Continue

Hannah Eames

i think a lot about how i killed them 

// Thursday 25 August – Saturday 10 September 2016
// Opening Wednesday 24 August, 6pm

i think a lot about how i killed them is an archive of objects, video, sound and numerical data, that have all originated from two trees which were planted together, fifteen years ago. Transformation machines have extracted this information from the trees. They continuously change the state of them, in the way of cutting, burning, measuring and re-articulating their physical properties. In the death of their original state, the machines ensure that they are always simultaneously living and dying; their architectural information is now gone, but a fuzz of documented information still allows them to exist.… Continue

Yours to tell

Jamie Berry | Leala Faleseuga | Brooke Fiafia | Valasi L.S | Sarah Stuart | Curated by Catherine Hunt

Gabrielle Amodeo | Rosario Aninat | Audrey Baldwin | Jordana Bragg | Ruby Joy Eade | Sofía Rocha-Casenave | Curated by Noelia Portela

// Opening Wednesday 3 August 6 – 8pm
// Thursday 4 – Saturday 20 August 2016

Yours to tell is a group exhibition engaging the art of storytelling through sculpture, video, photography and installation. Artists, curators, designers, thinkers and makers were asked to communicate one story, any story, with the sole purpose of embracing their own authority to share. … Continue

j a kennedy

‘Untitled’ VAR Program Analysis (Disconnected Correspondence)

This project is made up of three parts, starting in Wellington on the 13th of April 2016, moving to San Francisco on the 1st of May – 30th of June (Varda artists residency program). The third part of the project will continue during my RM Gallery research residency from the 14th – 30th of July, where I aim to hold two public programs, develop a publication of this research, and a proposal for an exhibition of outcomes.


  1.  The initial interaction exploration utilised an inclusive silent correspondence exercise where participants contributed physical evidence of their interaction onto provided material with provided material.
  2. Continue

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