Melanie Kung

Empathy and Abstraction

//Opening Wednesday 18 May, 6pm

// Thursday 19 May – Saturday 4 June 2016

Empathy and Abstraction presents an iteration of a body of work that began with the idea of starting a collection — an interest in the greatness of the mundanity involved in this process of accumulation which is an easy-going, on-going, everyday activity. The resulting images are traces of a series of moments – moments of quiet that are not typically looked forward to or remembered but nevertheless form a technical calendar. The images have been conditioned to form an index in abstraction, tracing the distance from the moments themselves.… Continue

Ashleigh Wilding

To eat a whole animal 2

// Opening, Wednesday 27 April, 6pm

// Thursday 28 April – Saturday 14 May 2016


To eat a whole animal, a Painting exhibition

To eat whole animal explores the complexities of teaching and of learning to paint. These paintings are the by-products of a series of rigidly representational portraits, outsiders used to clean brushes, isolate gestures, or indulge in the sensuality of the medium. Through the intuitive process of mark making, they create their own language of instruction and redefine the initial criteria for success.

Though the original series is not present in the exhibition, traces of the gestures and lines within it emerge throughout these subsiduary paintings.… Continue

Lucy Meyle

Serving Suggestions

// Thursday 7 April – Saturday 22 April 2016

// Opening, Wednesday 6 April, 6pm

Auckland-based artist Lucy Meyle makes sculptures and drawings proposing humourous perspectives on everyday things.

Using materials like masking tape, orange peel, PE foam, and sunlight, the exhibition works to uncover the possibilities of the intersection of care and humour.  Why are certain degrees of care considered silly, and why are other types considered appropriate responses? Through shifts in scale and alternative uses of objects, the sculptures and drawings in Serving Suggestions investigate roles of humour and care in art and society.

Paw Paws 2016 - Lucy Meyle

 … Continue


Uniform Make Room

Over the next month at RM Uniform will be unpacking the collective AV cupboard and constructing an array of processes. Working in film, paint, sound, and print, Uniform produce work that simultaneously documents and engages with their physical environment and the communities they are part of. On-site at RM in the following weeks will be a growing small press reading rack, a !no venues! event, and a constant chaotic mess….… Continue

An artist talk by Xin Cheng

Multiple Layers and Modes of Living, Sharing Together

// Saturday 19 March 2016, 2pm


Could art schools be legalised crime?

Is ‘waste’ our ‘greatest’ resource?

What happens when you put artist-run spaces, permaculture, improvisation jams and self-built communities together?

Xin Cheng would like to share some of her experience of self-organising communities in Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and elsewhere.


Notes from reading "How to Build an Indie Nation" by Kyohei Sakaguchi
Image: Notes from reading “How to Build an Indie Nation” by Kyohei Sakaguchi

This gathering came out of a research trip and residency in Korea <>, generously supported by the Asia New Zealand Foundation.


Lana Lopesi

Social Reader

// Monday 29 February – Friday 1 April 2016

// Closing event Friday 1 April 2016Continue

Summer Studio 2016

Call for expressions of interest

// Studio space available from after Christmas until Fri 26 February, 5pm
// Application Deadline Mon 21 December, 5pm

This summer we will take a break from our annual residency whilst we focus on our new programme and redeveloping a few things behind the scenes. But we will continue to make the gallery available as a studio for this time.


As with previous years, our intention is to divide the gallery space between five participants. There has tended to be enough room for a desk and a good amount of wall and floor space.… Continue

RM, Christmas (open office) Party

// Thursday 17 December 6–9pm

– Join us for our end of year celebrations
— Buy a raffle ticket and support us with our plans for the new year

With DJs Anthonie Tonnon // Frances Houseman

// Spot prizes for raffle tab holders throughout the evening

// Lollie scramble with B-Rig @ 6:30pm

In early 2016 RM will be changing the way it is governed and facilitated, as we seek to become a more sustainable organisation. After 18 years it’s finally time for us to pull up our socks and start acting like a grown up institution.

Part of this process will involve taking the steps towards becoming a charitable trust — a surprisingly costly and time consuming process, but one we believe is vital for this next, exciting step for RM.… Continue

Re-Reading the Rainbow

Paul Johns
Jane Zusters
Fiona Clark
Tanu Gago
Pati Solomona Tyrell
Lili Lai’ita
Fear Brampton
Leuli Eshraghi
Joe Joe Orangias
Richard Orjis
Luisa Tora
Molly Rangiwai McHale
Mel Church
Paul Stevens
George Hajian
Kerrie-Anne van Heerden
Paul Sepuya
Jack Body

// Opening Wednesday 25 November 2015, 6pm

// Thursday 26 November – Saturday 12 December 2015


Recent shows curated by Tanu Gago, Kirsty Ashleigh, Michael Lett and Rainbow Youth refocus the need for artists and writers to continue to critically engage within the processes and mechanisms in which we are represented to ourselves and to others. These few exhibitions address the evident gaps in the visibility of some LGBTQI practitioners and silos of representation.… Continue

Open Book

Harvey Benge
David Cook
Shelley Jacobson
Andrew Kennedy
Solomon Mortimer
Mark Purdom
Haruhiko Sameshima
Ann Shelton
Fiona Short
Anita Totha
Tim J Veling
Shaun Waugh

// 5 – 21 November
// Opening Wednesday 4 November

Open Book consists of twelve new photobook works, created specifically for exhibition. Its premise is to provoke artists’ experimentation with the book form and to position the book as a gallery experience. Each artist has been given autonomy to pursue and realise a project of their individual interest, as relevant to their current practice. The collective result of these endeavours is a compact exhibition: each artist’s work is folded in on itself or cut and stacked, the content largely hidden from view.… Continue

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