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Rebecca Steedman


// Opening Wednesday 26 November, 6pm
// Exhibition runs until Saturday 13 December 2014

Rebecca Steedman presents a selection of electrical atmospheric sounds recorded during her recent Arteles residency in Finland, alongside visual representations of these sounds/ experiences using natural mixes of clay, mineral reactions, and glazes and stains.

The presented recordings are mainly from Enontekiö (Lapland), where, Steedman stood on a frozen lake in the middle of the night or around dawn in order to capture electrical waves created by lightning and solar storms. Recorded with an extremely low frequency (ELF) receiver, the crackles or static created by natural phenomenon are interlaced with fluctuating man-made sounds generated from things like distant power lines.… Continue

Yolunda Hickman and Amy Unkovich

Terrace Setting

// Opening Wednesday 5 November, 6pm
// Exhibition runs until Saturday 23 November 2014

Yolunda Hickman and Amy Unkovich present a series of paintings and objects that sit in a space between decorative and functional. Substrates contain and hold surfaces in space, using the texture and pattern of terrain as both material and image. Large spaces are compressed into dense pattern and ornamental facades are stretched across frames in a new spatial configuration. The outcomes are often a strange mix of colourful anti-form and structured geometric objects. Disjunctive surfaces and images meet and part between two and three dimensions.… Continue

Philippa Emery

Home Studio

// Opening Wednesday 15 October
// Exhibition runs until Saturday 1 November 2014

There are times when I feel like I’ve given over my home to my things. They nestle in, surrounded by the comfort of soft surfaces, colours, and complexity. I make an object, which then gets swallowed by the clutter, and the importance of its making becomes numbed by the mass of useless stuff it joins. Attempts at combining the art with the junk results in awkward objects. Attempts at categorising reveals endless categories. By engaging with this endless pile-up I am overwhelmed with a dizzying sense of both joyful possibility and painful impossibility.… Continue

Jasmin Werner

Collapsing horizons

// Opening Wednesday 24 September
// Exhibition runs until Saturday 11 October  2014


Collapsing horizons presents the work Pangi Metamorphosis (2013 – 2014) by the German artist Jasmin Werner.

Pangi Metamorphosis is a series of terry cloth towels woven from digital photographs using the Jacquard technique. The work takes as its starting pointpangis: Wrap skirts which are worn for traditional dances in the Maroon culture of Surinam. During Jasmin Werner’s residency in Moengo, Surinam worked with Lotte Effinger to reinterpret pangi. Having its  roots in Africa, the pangi came to Surinam (former Dutch Guyana) through the slave trade.


Tonight’s performance cancelled

Unfortunately the DECOLONISE event scheduled for this evening has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

Please join us on Saturday evening 20/9 at the Old Folks Association Hall on Gundry Street for the closing event for ELECTIONS 2014, featuring a live stream, music and more…… Continue


Aindriú Macfehin
Anisha Sankar
Ben Morea
BJ’s soup
Daniela Reyes
David Merritt
Eleanor Cooper
Jonathan King
No Fixed Abode
Phil Tuu
Salome Tanuvasa + Natasha Matila-Smith
Tuafale Tanoa’i (AKA Linda T)
Tao Wells

// Thursday 4 September – Saturday 20 September 2014
// Opening event 6pm, Wednesday 3 September

What are the implications of putting energy and value into the voting process from the perspective of revolutionary politics?

With long and short term goals in mind, what does it mean to vote today? Does focusing on voting politicise young people or create a distraction from gaining critical perspectives on the current system that could achieve more substantial change?… Continue

Brun Alen

Scotch Thistle Kombucha

// Saturday 9 August 2014, 12pm – 6pm
// Sunday 10 August  2014, 12pm – 4pm

// Opening reception from 5pm on Saturday 9 August

Brun Alen’s Scotch Thistle Kombucha will be available during Clement and van der Wal’s exhibition.

Making kombucha and managing business is something we do together. Is starting a business conjointly a 101 no-no for relationship wellbeing? Kombucha is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that, when brewed with tea, produces a sparkling fermented tea tonic. The myriad medicinal and nutritional uses attributed to kombucha have seen it labelled a ‘cure-all’ drink.


Ben Clement & Bob van der Wal

Supersite Cowboys

// Saturday 9 August 2014, 12pm – 6pm
// Sunday 10 August  2014, 12pm – 4pm

// Opening reception from 5pm on Saturday 9 August

Ben Clement and Bob van der Wal present a series of documentation artifacts from the collaborative work Supersite Cowboys, made for RM’s participation in International Artist Initiated in Glasgow

Working as foreign correspondents to one another, the iconic sight seeing experiences of LDN (van der Wal) are sent to AKL (Clement) as plastic souvenirs and images to be manufactured into new objects of movement: Glossed up, superimposed and slipstreamed, ready for competition. These objects are passed back to meet van der Wal in GLA to be sited and sighted within the media landscape of the 2014 XX Commonwealth Games.… Continue

Wednesday Night Pottery

Wednesday Night Pottery presents:

A screening of Ghost

// 6pm, Wednesday 6 August 2014
// RM, Samoa House Lane, Auckland

Every Wednesday evening for the past year, an interchanging group of artists and makers have been gathering in a shed in Grey Lynn to play with clay. The group is a mixed bag – of ages (mental and physical), expertise, and style. Rather than focusing on any specific outputs, the nights normally revolve around Making together, sharing techniques, resources, and laughs.

Whenever we tell anyone about the Wednesday Night Pottery group they always bring up the movie Ghost. Even the hit American television series Community has an ode, as the pottery teacher says ‘the one and only rule in this class – I will tolerate no reenacting, whether it is ironic or sincere, of the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore pottery scene in ghost.’ It seems people are obsessed, and hey, why not– what could be better than Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore getting freaky to the Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody.Continue