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making do(ing)

making do(ing) presents –

Games Afternoon at RM:

Improvising Games from Slums, Megaregions and Super Cities

// Saturday 2 August 2014, 4pm onwards

Games Afternoon at RM offers up a range of research artifacts as playthings from Cambodian slums, Auckland sub/urban zones, the Tokyo megaregion and more. Fluid game dynamics and warm-hearted late afternoon sustenance provide footholds for experimentation in psychological mapping, conversation, gift giving, ad-hoc archiving, and leveraging the memories of others.

Join us for an relaxing and stimulating afternoon of game playing and making in both finite and infinite modes (we’ll play with junk, and please bring some of your own!).… Continue

University Without Conditions reading group

From Wednesday 16 July, University Without Conditions will be running an open fortnightly reading group in RM’s archive room, starting at 6:30pm.

The reading group will focus on the book After Finitude by French philosopher Quentin Meillassoux about which Alain Badiou wrote it “opened up a new path in the history of philosophy, understood here as the history of what it is to know.” The chapters are short, but dense, and we will discuss a new one each fortnight moving through the book.

The reading group is open to anyone who wishes to participate and is facilitated by Melissa Laing and Robin Paulson who will be learning alongside and with everyone who participates.… Continue

International Artist Initiated

// Opening 6pm, Friday 18 July 2014, at David Dale Gallery.

As part of our participation in International Artist Initiated, alongside Clark House Initative, Cyprus Dossier, Fillip, Fresh Milk and Video Art Network Lagos, RM has temporarily set up office in Glasgow, undertaking a project with contributions from (in reverse alphabetical order):

  • Wednesday night pottery

  • Tamaki Housing Group

  • Raised by Wolves

  • Mata Aho Collective

  • Magasine

  • making do(ing)

  • lightreading

  • FKA Alterations

  • David Ed Cooper & James Wylie

  • Dave Marshall & Ella Sutherland

  • D.A.N.C.E. Art Club

  • Brun Alen

  • Ben Clement & Bob van der Wal

// Show runs until Saturday 3 August 2014

// At Glasgow Transport Boxing Gym, 136 Fordneuk Street, Glasgow, Scotland
(An auxillary space for David Dale and Studios during the duration of the Commonwealth Games)

The participants that we have brought together within this project are collectives and groups who work without a dedicated space, often moving beyond the confines of the gallery system.… Continue

Interrupted expenditure

Dan Bell, Liang Luscombe and Noriko Nakamura

// Opening 6pm, Wednesday 11 June 2014

// Show runs from Thursday 12 June until Saturday 28 June 2014

An exhibition of new works as part of the second iteration of a two-part project by Melbourne-based artists Dan Bell, Liang Luscombe and Noriko Nakamura that was first shown at Dog Park Art Project Space, Christchurch

Dan Bell’s practice involves shifting spatial energies through an ongoing process of fermentation and flux. Utilising alchemic combination of transmutational materials, with outcomes including interventions, sculpture, installation and wearable works. Recent projects include Double Bind: Polysidium glutamate (Lite) at Studio 6, Gertrude Contemporary, Vic; Brimming dissolution, buoyant expenditure at Dog Park Projects, Christchurch; Proliferation beyond solutions, Brunswick Lakes projects, Vic; Alluvial Atomiser at Rice and Beans, Dunedin, and Pwdree Slurr at Y3K gallery, Vic. … Continue

Robbie Fraser

A Fridge Full of Condiments

// Opening 6pm, Wednesday 21 May 2014*

// Show runs from Thursday 22 May until Saturday 10 June 2014

*NB, the time in the email was incorrect — the opening is indeed Wed. 21 May

Robbie Fraser 1979 – (Ngati Porou ki Hauraki) works and resides in Auckland, New Zealand. He graduated from AUT University with a Masters in Art & Design in 2013 and is a founding member of FERARI, an artists collective and artist run space based in Auckland. His recent shows include A Sickman Cometh with Anthony Cribb at FERARI (2012), Lost in A Dream (2012), a group show at Snakepit, andFERARI/WENDYLS (2013), a group show at Wendyl’s Green Goddess.… Continue

New RM

First Floor,

307 K’Road


* Entrance on Samoa House Lane


On Wednesday 23 April, RM will open the door to its new gallery space with cues, the latest in a series of collaborations between Nell May and Blaine Western.

We are now located on the first floor of the Mazuran Building, at 307 Karangahape Road—right next door to where we’ve been for the last five years. The new gallery shares many of the qualities that we enjoyed about our old space—the modernist mix of concrete, glass and a large open room, a wall of windows, plenty of natural light, a retreat from the chaos of K’Rd and a view of the garden and fale at Samoa House.… Continue

Moving next door

During the next few weeks RM will be closed as we move out of our current space and set up the gallery next door at 297 Karangahape Road.

In June 2009 Akiko Diegel and Asumi Mizuo had our very first exhibition at 295 Karangahape Road. And, though it was completely unforeseen when we were planning this show, we are moving again, and Akiko has had the very last show at our current space.

As of next month we will take up occupancy right next door, on the first floor of the Mazuran Building, 297 Karangahape Road, and we will be re-opening in mid-April, with an exhibition by Nell May and Blaine Western.… Continue