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Lance Pearce

A Quick Countdown to Set the Tempo

// Opening 6pm Wednesday 1 July 2015
// Thursday 2 July – Saturday 11 July 2015

A Quick Countdown to Set the Tempo comprises a selection of conceptually-inflected sculptures by Lance Pearce, alongside an exhibition text by Claire Duncan.

Using words and things as language, Lance Pearce’s seemingly austere works explore the affective potential for objects to convey meaning. Historical contextualising of apparently familiar objects, removed from their place and function, create a simple narrative sustained by numerous possible associations. Referring to both the visible and imperceptible, Pearce’s works explore representation’s inscription in the tangible present.… Continue

Philippa Nielsen

FREEDOM CABBAGE: A bacterial collaboration

Nurturance on the other hand…
The time it takes to grow something…

– After Birth, by Elisa Albert

The art of fermentation is the art of the slow transformation: a quiet daily observation, an intermittent checking in, a leaving be. The art of fermentation is the antithesis of the fast food lifestyle we know and love.… Continue

Potroast #14

Magazine Launch

// Friday 8 May 2015, 6pm

Potroast is an annual literary and visual media ‘zine with a focus on the experimental and the exploratory.

We’ll celebrate the launch of the new issue with drinks and some readings from some of the Auckland based contributors including Iain Britton, Tony Green, Allison Li, and David Taylor, as well as a short presentation from Alex Raichev on an experimental poetry game ‘Markov Poetry’ introduced in the ‘zine.


Xin Cheng: artist talk

// Saturday 2 May 2015, 3pm

In 2014 Xin Cheng went to Cambodia for the second time, to do the Pisaot experimental arts residency hosted by the artist-run-space Sa Sa Art Projects in Phnom Penh. The experience was no less than mind-blowing. This Saturday she would like to share some of the adventures in researching makeshift creations and hosting surprising workshops with junk, and present a selection of documentaries made by the youths of the Aziza Community School, in the iconic White Building, where she lived for six weeks over the residency.

This gathering is part of makeshifting Cambodia & Aotearoa, a research project from Xin Cheng, generously supported by Asia New Zealand & Sa Sa Art Projects… Continue

Matt Henry, Untitled A (2015), Urethane paint on MDF, oak veneer, plywood, 350 x 350mm

Matt Henry and Timothy Chapman

Silian Rail

// Opening Wednesday 29 April, 6pm // Exhibition runs until Saturday 16 May 2015


Timothy Chapman, 'Panel:white,blue,yellow-1' 2015, Pine stretcher, canvas, polyester resin, polyester filler

RM presents Silian Rail, a conceptually driven painting project by Matt Henry and Timothy Chapman. Showcasing a playful rivalry, the exhibition documents a period of conversation and production, which considers the notion of painting and the materials of its production within a hierarchical and semiotic framework. Exploring surface through the structure of painting, Chapman’s works document a sculptural fabrication process. Setting out to cast a stretched canvas in woven composites, various preparations and experiments are presented as objects in their own right. Similarly Henry’s works reproduce or frame the reductive notion of painting as object and material.… Continue

Island Project

A research project in the RM archive space with Sarah Rankin and Jonathan Rankin.

Island Project is a collaborative working group, temporarily based in RM gallery’s archive room. They are in the process of developing an inventory of island histories in the Auckland area, as well as two site-specific works, in Otahuhu and Waitakere, respectively. This project seeks to test, and make porous, the disciplinary boundaries between art and science, by crossing their particular lexicons and methodologies. Through this approach, Island Projectaims to enter into a conversation with landscape, which is able to drift into new and hopeful directions.… Continue

Ugh… Art

Not quoting anyone else here, so my name is on next line.

—Mongoose Chen

Cameron Rey
Theo Macdonald
Natasha Priddle
Poal Ex
Mongoose Chen

// Opening Wednesday 8 April, 6pm
// Showing from Thursday 9 April – Saturday 25 April 2015

// Open Discussion Thursday 23 April, 3pm… Continue

Now On

Hana Aoake
Leticia Durant
Karin Hofko
Layne Waerea

// Saturday 14 March 2015, 6pm – midnight

As part of White Night we have brought together four artists for an evening of performances at RM and in the surrounding neighbourhood.