Category: 2010

Daniel du Bern & Simon Taylor

Cosmos Club

// Opens 6pm, Wednesday 5 May 2010 (yes, Cinco De Mayo!)
// Show runs from Thursday 6 May until Saturday 22 May

From Matthew Crookes’ Post-Rapture Book Club we move to Cosmos Club by Daniel du Bern and Simon Taylor.

After featuring in our instructional works show last year, Daniel du Bern returns to RM, bringing Simon Taylor for this collaborative project. Currently based in Melbourne, both artists will be in Auckland for the installation and opening of this exhibition.… Continue

Let’s Get Lost

Selina Foote, Daniel Ellison, Casey O’Connell and Holly Willson

// Opens 6pm, Wednesday 24 March 2010
// Show runs from Thursday 25 March until Saturday 10 April

“Sometimes, characters are lost because they do not know how to get to specific place. They know where they have been (and how to get back there) but they don’t know the correct route to reach their goal. This occurs most often when following a road, trail, a map, a river or a set of directions… Darkness, overcast days, thick forests and featureless wastes or plains all increase the chance of getting lost.”

-from the ‘Dungeons & Dragons‘ manual… Continue

Barbara Kanc & Metod Blejec

How Art Affects Kiwis in Relation to Global Change

// Opening Wednesday 3 March 2010, 6pm
// Exhibition runs from Thursday 4 March until Saturday 20 March 2010

“A multi-disciplinary state-specific project ‘How Art Affects Kiwis in Relation to Global Change’ aims to collect a vast understanding channeled through the notion of the term ‘kiwi’, in reference to the fruit, a bird or a human. Using your collective thoughts, feelings and ideas we intend to shed a humorous light on the heated, worldwide debate of change. By responding to the question on the project postcard: ‘What does Kiwi mean to you?Continue